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A quiet street in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic. People and bicyclists walk in the street and there are no cars driving.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve as a conduit of accountability for hundreds of community-based, healthcare and government organizations working to improve health outcomes in the communities they serve. Through WholeYouNYC, we are developing reliable connections between healthcare and community partners so that everyone receives the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.

Since its inception, WholeYouNYC has expanded to include 300+ community-based service providers, offering more than 460 programs that serve 1,100+ unique New Yorkers each month. Joining WholeYouNYC offers many benefits for organization members, including:

  • Free or low-cost use of innovative technologies to support referral making and communication.
  • New sources of referrals to your organization, and new access to resources for the people your organization serves.
  • Data that can be leveraged to secure new resources for your organization and the network.
  • Access to new funded projects to better support your organization’s mission and vision.
  • Access to the support of PHS’ coordination center and navigators.

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